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Catalonia (Spain)
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  Raw materials
The Company

Our raw materials are:

  • Traceable. - The route they follow from their origin until they reach proteïn's production plant is completely documented through the certificates issued by each of the establishments involved.

  • Fresh. - proteïn is located in an area with strong activity in the farming industry, which guarantees its proximity to sources of raw materials and a very short time between their generation and their use.

  • Food-grade. -The product is derived from healthy animals which have undergone an ante- and post-mortem veterinary inspection. They have never left the food chain nor the cold chain, and have always been handled as carefully as meat or meat products are handled.


Quality control The Company

One of the characteristics that is most widely appreciated by our clients is the high quality and regularity of our products, at a physical, chemical, organoleptic and microbiological level. This has been possible thanks to the strict Quality Control that they undergo.

proteïn has two sophisticated and well-equipped laboratories for research and chemical and microbiological control, where the quality of each phase of the production process and of every batch produced is analysed and guaranteed by our experienced technicians.


Environment The Company
From the very beginning, proteïn has always had a very respectful attitude towards the environment.

Since 1995, we have used a sophisticated biological WWP (Wastewater Purifying Plant). This operates vertically in a 4-phase system, which takes place in 4 different cisterns, measuring 16 metres high and with a capacity of 100 m3 each.

This very efficient WWP is unique in its category. It has been completely designed and built using our own technology. As a result, our wastewater complies with the very strict environmental local regulations presently in force.