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Industrial products


Hydrolysed collagen for wine clarification.

It comes in two versions: liquid (GELAHIDROL LPN50)  and powder form (GELAHIDROL LPN1). 
Dermocosmetics Industrial products


Soluble natural and pure hydrolyzed collagen protein in powder or liquid form.

HIDROCOL has been specially designed for beauty creams that use soluble collagen as a moisturising and nutritive agent for the skin. Its low molecular weight allows it to pass through the dermal barrier and nourishing the skin. At the same time it stimulates the cells that generate dermal tissues (fibroblasts), thus delaying the skin aging process and reducing wrinkles.

HIDROCOL is also used to substantially reduce the irritation caused by typical tensoactive agents and by some beauty products on the skin, hair, eye area and nails. It is sold in liquid or powder form.

In tests used to measure the degree of skin irritation of laboratory animals, it has been proved that this irritation decreases by 60%, when we add 5% of HIDROCOL over the weight of lauryl ether sodium sulphate (LESS).


  • Nourishes and protects skin, eyes, hair and mucous membranes.
  • Reduces skin wrinkles.
  • Quick and total solubility.
  • Neutral colour and odour.
  • Biodegradable.


In beauty creams, bath foam and shower gels, shampoos, hair conditioners, permitting products, creams for skin and hair care, etc.