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  Our team
The Company

proteïn proudly considers its team to be one of its most valuable resources.

It comprises well-prepared professionals with a high educational level, who have been selected for their dedication to their work and an ability to integrate with the team.

Each member of the staff knows that their main target is their contribution to the quality of the product and to customer satisfaction.

R+D The Company
The achievements of our Research and Development team have been the main factor contributing to the leadership and growth of the company.

From the beginning, proteïn’s innovative vocation has stood out. Over more than 40 years, we have successfully developed numerous R&D projects, for which we have obtained research grants from the national, state and EU administrations. In proteïn, the R&D concept is very important and involves professionals who are trained in different fields: biologists and chemical, industrial and computer engineers.

proteïn has always systematically used new processes, developed by the company itself, aiming at producing protein products with high levels of added value for dietetics, the food industry and cosmetics.

Once the target is established, the process starts with a complete bibliographic and field study so as to analyse the previous history of the project. The next steps are the lab studies, which are necessary to define parameters for the new project. A pilot plant is then built to check the lab results and to study the scale effects on a semi-industrial level. Finally, with all these data, the new production line engineering is developed. Modifications -sometimes major ones- occur during the consolidation process.

The greatest part of the production equipment has been designed by the company’s technical staff, who has also headed its construction.