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  Animal nutrition
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The ingredients that proteïn makes for the food and dietetic industry, also have their equivalent in the nutrition industry for pets or competition animals:


Just like human beings, animals can suffer from a series of rheumatic and bone disease, as a consequence of wear caused by repetitive overuse or aging. These can worsen when the animal has already had previous malformations in its joints, such as dysplasia. 

Since 1967, the year in which the first patent regarding this subject was registered, numerous scientific and clinical reports have proved that a daily intake of hydrolysed collagen constitutes a very effective treatment for the prevention of rheumatic and bone diseases. The recommended dose is 150 mg per kilogram of the animal’s weight.

COLPROPUR FEED is a natural hydrolysed collagen specially developed for the treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis in animals. It also has to be emphasized that a regular intake of COLPROPUR FEED has further positive effects on the animals, such as strengthening their skin, claws and fur.

Therefore, COLPROPUR FEED is the ideal supplement for the production of veterinary preparations and functional feeds to prevent and treat bone and rheumatic illnesses in our dear pets.



Natural tricalcium phosphate from bones (hydroxyapatite) in powder form.

Thanks to its natural origin and to its calcium-phosphorus proportion, the animal’s organism can easily and efficiently absorb these elements. As a result, this product becomes an essential element in the treatment of osteoporosis in animals, being used to enrich veterinary preparations and animal feed.

Its use is also advisable in growing feed for pets.